Thursday, 2 June 2011

New Imperial Guard Force

Been working on a new Imperial Guard force of my own creation - I've yet to work on names and suchlike, but the concepts I'm wanting to combine are the Savlar Chem Dogs and the Armageddon Ork Hunters. In my case the regiment is recruited from a mining world basically run by these big mining guilds (read: unions/big gangs with semi-official backing). The vast majority of miners are kept on-world to do the job they're supposed to be doing, whilst the dregs, the criminals and guys who forget that they're supposed to be miners and become full-time gangsters get rounded up every couple of years, forced to work together and shipped off to fight the enemies of the Imperium of mankind!

My particular force have the added fluff bonus of having been used against a couple of roving greenskin warbands and whittled down into a veteran core. So, these guys will nick anything they need, will always be properly tooled up, sport gasmasks from their mining days. There'll be a bunch of tattoos as well, want to make these look quite interesting!

Another reason I went for this theme is that I had a bunch of Catachans with no real place to use them. Thought I'd write a small list and build to that, getting the Cats sorted before I start with the Cadians, which the main part of my Imperial Guard will comprise of (although, modified, plenty of added equipment, bit more realistically than standard Cadians anyway!) - I also had a pack of the Pig Iron heads (with another pack of 20 on the way!) and wanted to use them! Phew!
This is my first infantry squad for the platoon - any name ideas for the regiment would be most appreciated. I'm thinking grey fatigues on these guys, but that's open to opinion too. This squad is: Sarge w/ laspistol/chainsword, Heavy Bolter (Stubber modelwise) and Grenade Launcher.

They're mostly Catachan torso and legs with mostly Catachan arms, but with other arms from the fantasy Chaos Marauders and Beastmen, pouches and sheathed blades from all over the place. I wanted a good mix of lasrifles, so there's Cadian, Catachan and Elysian in the force, as well as Maxmini AK47s as autoguns. 

As mentioned, I have more of the Pig Iron gasmask heads on their way in the post - I may end up replacing some of the bare heads with them to stick closer to the theme.
The squad's "Heavy Bolter" used an Imperial Guard accessory sprue Heavy Stubber, bipod from the Space Marine Scout plastics, and a handle on the top of the gun from the accessory sprue searchlight. 
The rear of the Sarge showing his great Necromundan chainsword, equipment belt and bionic leg (borrowed from a plastic Necron).

Here's the current forcelist:

Imperial Guard - Armageddon Ork Hunters/Savlar Chem Dogs-esque regiment.


Infantry Platoon
Platoon Command Squad (5 men) @30pts
Platoon Commander - Power Sword @10pts
Platoon Standard @15pts
Heavy Flamer @20pts
Flamer @5pts
Squad Total - 80pts

Infantry Squad (10 men) @50pts
Heavy Bolter @10pts
Grenade Launcher @5pts
Squad Total - 65pts

Infantry Squad (10 men) @50pts
Heavy Bolter @10pts
Flamer @5pts
Power Sword @10pts
Squad Total - 75pts

Special Weapon Squad (6 men) @35pts
3 Sniper Rifles @15pts
Squad Total - 50pts

Fast Attack

Scout Sentinel Squadron (3 Sentinels) @105pts
Autocannon, Hunter Killer Missile @15pts
Autocannon, Hunter Killer Missile @15pts
Heavy Flamer @5pts
Squad Total - 140pts

Force Total - 410pts

This is my current list for them - for a mini-campaign against a mates Ork force. I'm planning on assembling everything for this force before undercoating - I have around about 12 models left to assemble, with approximately another 20 to expand the force with, with a current mock-up of my army's version of Colonel Iron Hand Straken. I'm very happy with that particular model and will be showing it shortly!


  1. Nice concept. It'll be cool to see the force grow.

  2. Arrgh! My comment didn't load!

    Name 'em after their cool industrial planet; ie, Cadian, Catachan, Tallarn...

    And throw a three digit number in their; ie, Local Plumbers 572, United Teachers 912, Electric Workers 329...

    I need coffee before I can help any more!

  3. Interesting mash-up of bitz, I like the direction you're heading with them.

    The only thing I will mention is that the Catachan arms need gapfilling to the torsos! :)

  4. wow, these guys are great. they remind me of a squad i put together a few months back (in fact one has an identical position). would love to see them painted.

    feel free to check out my squad. as i said, its a few months old, but i was struck by some similarities.

  5. Mik - Some great ideas, I've been jotting down some ideas and that's been quite a help! I'll be posting up some fluff eventually, I'm getting quite attached to this regiment!

    Feral - Yeah, I've done some filling here and there already, but there are some gaps to sort out :) Cheers mate.

    Atreides - Ahh that's cool! Great minds think alike, yes? :) First time I've stumbled across your blog, I'm now subscribed - some inspirational stuff there! I'll have some more Guard updates soon.