Friday, 3 June 2011

Necromunda Underhive Scummer - Overlode

As I mentioned a little earlier in the blog, I'm slowly working my way through rejuvenating my Escher gang - here's the first completed figure, a Necromunda Underhive Scummer called Overlode, a thuggish gun for hire to he with the most spare creds.

Either that, or a bottle of wildsnake brew...

This is a classic Necromunda miniature that I got in a lucky job lot from eBay a few years ago. The cuts on his chest were there when I received it, and I've done the best to make them look like fairly recent but healed scars. He's been painted and considered finished for a while now but needed some little bits sorting out here and there. I added some spots of colour, particular the bandana tied around his neck, highlighted the skin some more, highlighted his hair and sorted out the plasma pistol's coils. I'm rather happy with the result! He's now been sprayed with dullcote to protect him from anymore knocks and is ready to game with.


  1. Ah Necromunda nice!
    Great mini!
    Could you head over to my blog and tell me whether (on the 'where are they now' post) that mini I put up is infact Necromunda?
    I just had a guess really, not a 100%.

  2. Love it, classic fig. One of the couple scum models I don't have. I like the coils and the scar - as well as the base. Keep up the necro posts please!

  3. Cool. Splashes of colour always help.

  4. Cheers guys :)

    Warflake - popped over and commented! Nice fig! Strip it and repaint it?

    Tristan - love the scummers! Hired guns/swords are probably my favourite thing about Necromunda and Mordheim. Will do - I have around about 25 figures to touch up, so there should be a good amount of posts coming!

    Ad - thought the green fit rather well!