Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Inquisitor Project

I've always been a massive fan of the Inquisition - I love the vast scope of the various beliefs and sects within the overall organisation, the eclectic-look of the Inquisitor's themselves as well as their many varied followers and hired mercenaries. I love the idea that this one individual has such power and scope - the weaponry they wield, the troops they employ, the political clout they hold. I love the idea of narrative gaming - in fact, I've always preferred skirmish games for exactly that reason. I love seeing my characters develop and take on a life of their own.

When the Inquisitor rulebook first came out I snapped it up straight away. I bought one of the miniatures off a friend - a gunslinger with Inquisitor Eisenhorn's head. That was the end of my 54mm gaming, but not the end of Inquisitor - I've had multiple warbands at 28mm over the years since the release. A lot of those miniatures were sold or stripped and recycled into new warbands or Necromunda gangs and I end up building a new warband every year or so when I re-read the Eisenhorn trilogy! 

That being said, here is the very start of my most recent warband for Inquisitor - again at 28mm, which has many benefits - my current terrain and miniatures collection is 99.5% 28mm, as are the miniature collections of my wargaming friends. I've been inspired by a good few things recently, but the work of Commissar Molotov over at Inq28 is definitely first and foremost. The quality of the characters and conversions are superb! As they say, imitation is the best form of flattery, and with that in mind I've started towards a new Inquisitor campaign with some friends!
I picked up this miniature from Black Hat Miniatures' Cobalt-1 range, which had been out of production for a while - I leaped at the chance to get it after seeing a similar conversion over on Tales from the Maelstrom. I remember seeing the Cobalt-1 range advertised in a few wargaming magazines back in the early 2000s - sadly, I was a poor college student then and could not afford any. Not much has changed on the finance front lately, but I still had to pick up a couple of miniatures from the range! This guy is my rough-and-ready Inquisitor. At the moment all I have is the conversion, but I'm thinking Ordo Xenos, slightly radical (will hire xeno warriors if needed). I'm not sure whether to keep the collar or not as of yet...
Another slight conversion of a Cobalt-1 miniature - this is a tribal swordsman character, taking inspiration from Arianhrod Esw Sweydyr, the Carthean swordswoman from the Eisenhorn trilogy. I liked the feel of the miniature - makes me think of John Carter of Mars. The original head on the figure had a high forehead, likely some kind of very-humanoid alien - I wanted a tall human from a sword-wielding culture, so I removed the head with a saw and drilled out a hole for the new head to sit in. I also used my clippers to make the feet a touch more human - they were previously very wide and flat.
As you can see from the above pictures, I'm torn on which head to use - to begin with I was very happy with the Space Wolf Scout head with trimmed mohawk in the first picture, but then discovered the Chaos Marauder horseman helmet in the second picture, which I'm leaning towards after discussing it with Daniel of Feralique. If you have any thoughts on this, or any other suggestions, please let me know in the comments! I've also added the pommel from a plastic Warhammer pistol to the gun hand. If you have any suggestions at all for the two miniatures, please comment!


  1. I think the 54mm idea was a little ahead of its time. Released now I would expect them to do a lot better than they did. Doing it in 28mm is a more sane approach and you don't have to make all new MASSIVE terrain either!

  2. Liking the look of these so far sir, must say I'm getting tempted to do a 28mm Inq warband especially now as I'm having so much fun with making a Mordheim Warband.

    Think I shall have to have a look at the game thats happening at the AB open bash :)

  3. You picked up a great fig here, it has a nice dynamic pose, I can't wait to see it painted up.

    The Cobalt range is just stocked too full of awesome figs, thanks for posting the link.