Monday, 6 June 2011

Imperial Guard Stormtroopers

Introducing the last five members of my first Stormtrooper squad - these were inspired by a post over on another blog, Kings Minis. The subject of the post was basically about getting those work-in-progress miniatures that have been sitting on your workbench for ages finished, restoring some modelling karma and getting on with some other projects!

These Stormtroopers were first built for a table at Games Day '08, in a warbands-vs-zombies 40k scenario I ran with The Ammobunker forum (where I'm a mod). The paint scheme then was very similar and I was happy with the way the conversions turned out. I've rebuilt the figures, adding more members to the squad and building another ten Stormtroopers to take me up to a total of ten now painted and ten awaiting undercoat.
The Sergeant of the squad, armed with a plasma pistol. He's supposed to be activating the commlink built into his helmet...
My personal favourite from this squad - I kept the pose pretty much exactly the same from the miniature used at Games Day but gave him a new head and backpack. Just looks so calm and professional, like a real special operator. That's what I get from it anyway! I love that Catachan head - it's from the older Catachan Sentinel sprue.
Flamer trooper - fairly basic, but had to replace the fuel hose in order for it to fit with those particular legs.
Grenade Launcher trooper - another basic one, I like the posing on this guy, like he's popping a couple of grenades over a wall pre-assault perhaps?
Last member of the squad - basic trooper.

For these there were a few elements I wanted to stick to - Scout legs, Cadian torsos and arms, heads from a number of sources but mainly the tank commander helmets, be they from the standard sprue or from the Baneblade kit. The pistol holsters that are part of the Scout legs are supposed to be empty, as Scouts are generally armed with their pistol - I wanted these guys to be packing back-up weapons so added gun butts to each and every holster with wire and green stuff. They also got extra pouches and backpacks from Maxmini. 

Oh, and I removed all of the Guard symbols and Imperial Aquilas. I just don't like the idea of them being plastered all over the place. Especially on guys that are attempting to be low-key and stealthy. The no-symbol thing is something that has fed back onto my new Regiment and the Cadian-based regiment I'll be working on too - no chunky symbolic gestures for my gents!