Monday, 9 May 2011

Mere Tokens...

Managed to get these few bits of busy-work done in the past few days, inbetween unsuccessful job interviews and listing things on eBay!
Emergence holes/sewer entrances/exits - these are sold by Hasslefree and made by Fenris Games as base-toppers for Warmachine-style lipped bases. I saw them and thought they'd make cool exits/entrances for my zombie and post-apoc games. They're mounted on metal washers with added sand. Two have the word "Salvation" written on them in bright green, which will be the name of a settlement in my post-apoc world.
Pain Tokens - these are for my Dark Eldar - bought some of the basing pieces from eBay as I thought they'd fit the role quite nicely, then saw them being used on the Games Workshop site for the same role! Pretty happy with these! I could have done the Marine helmets from my bits boxes, but I have limited Eldar bits - I liked the wraithbone pendants in this role!
Wound Markers - these were one of the first things I built when back in the hobby. They had been based in the old grey scheme I used, so I ended up removing any flock, adding sand again and removing the skeleton symbols and skulls to make them a bit more plain. Easy job!


  1. I like those especially the sewer entrances, very good work.

  2. Ditto Fran's comment, lovely sewer entances. Fantastic treatment too.

  3. Thanks guys! They should all come in handy!