Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Codicer Tarkus, Librarian of the Shadow Wraiths Astartes Chapter

As a child, Andron Tarkus was chosen by the roving Librarium of the Shadow Wraith Astartes Chapter from the nomad tribes that journeyed the ash wastelands of the world of his birth. His psychic prowess had been venerated by a number of different tribes, who spoke of his powers whilst trading with the walled cities of the planet, where word inevitably reached agents of the Inquisition.

As the Inquisition finally managed to track down the convoy transporting the child, a stranger who had joined the nomads finally revealed himself to be one of the Emperor's chosen servants - an Astartes of the Shadow Wraiths Chapter and a fellow psychic. A confrontation broke out between the Astartes and the Inquistion, which was thankfully resolved without physical confrontation. The Marine had been directed to the tribe by the predictions of the Chief Librarian of the Shadow Wraiths, who had foreseen the coming of his eventual successor...

Tarkus has since undergone the trials, genemods and surgery needed to become a fully-fledged Astartes, serving the Chapter faithfully for over four decades. Brother Tarkus has been graded at a beta-plus psyk-level, with a high proficiency in pyrokinetics and can often be found on a battlefield with his forcesword Ignis wreathed in conjured ethereal flames.

The robe he wears marks him out as a member of the Chapter Master's Guard, an elite group that accompany the Chapter Master into battle and may be called on to act as his proxy when needed.


This guy has been painted for a couple of weeks now - it's a conversion I did when I first got back into the hobby a few years ago, Ezekiel of the Dark Angels with a new sword (I'd thriftily bought him online, missing his sword and hands (they were all one piece) for about 75p as I've always loved the miniature...), some symbols removed and a new paintjob. I do love to be thrifty when it comes to games - I love getting a bargain, which may be why I have tons of unpainted "bargains" cluttering up my apartment...

He's been put together, undercoated and basecoated for about 2 years! I have a Sternguard squad in a similar style (using the Dark Angels robed veterans) that has been undercoated for a similar amount of time, with a couple of them finished. I recently bought some of the Forgeworld bolters that look perfect for Sternguard, so I may actually go back and replace their arms.


  1. Love the white flames on the sword. Nice conversion.

  2. Thanks mate! The pictures of the sword haven't turned out the best - it's a pale green in the recesses, very happy with the end results - caused me lots of headaches whilst I was working on it!

    Think I'm going to work on getting some of the characters from the Space Marine Codex built and Shadow-Wraithed next. I've a few ideas that should work out rather well, with a not-Pedro Kantor already built :)