Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Savage Boys - completed!

Well, the "sacred vow" made in my previous post has been somewhat broken, but at least it's not something brand new that I've started working on...

I present to you, the Savage Boys, a gang of sadist, masochist and various other varieties of 'ists.

The full gang - three of these guys were painted previously, meaning I've painted 10 miniatures from undercoat to completion in a week. I really can't remember the last time I got even close to completing that much in a week, so please allow me a small amount of chuffed-ness..
Boris Savage, escaped Pit Fighter and leader of the Savage Boys, a bunch of raidin' good fer nothings, who ain't welcome in any of the settlements of the wastes, on account of murderin' more than their fair share of peace officers over the years..
 Pyro Pete, a madman with a spray nozzle and a tank of flammable liquid strapped to his back. Rumour has it that he joined the gang after he torched the rest of his settlement down to the foundations of their shacks.
 Jawbone, who is a key example of the kind of dental surgery one can find in the wastes.
 Cuss, another fire-addicted eejit, with his custom built flamer built into the remains of a military rifle. It's rumoured that he actually volunteered to have that brace attached to his face when the rotjaw hit him - said it made him look "meaner".
 Uzi Dave, I dare you to ask this little bugger why he's called that?
 Jimbo, generic ganger/gunfodder...
 Marv, with his homemade blunderbus.

Steroid Bob, right-hand man and second-in-command of the Boys. May have a slight addiction to Buffout, and no, it don't shrink your junk! Probably best if you don't ask that again... (this guy seriously reminds me of a local bloke who used to go to the gym I used to frequent...)

Whiplash, who is a little too heavily into sadism considering his young age. He'll be more than happy to spank you.
The Sissy - kind of the odd man out, this guy just tagged along after one of the gang's more infamous raids. He was the mayor of a settlement, claimed to want to join the gang for protection after they slaughtered almost everyone in the town. Forced to wear a tutu, he's yet to prove his worth. Kept in line by Whiplash. (this guy would also double as a zombapoc "psycho")

As mentioned, I'm very happy with these! I also just returned to the "vow", having worked on a few of the Terminators tonight for a while - hopefully there'll be more progress with them tomorrow..


  1. They're really nice, excellent work.

  2. Excellent looking warband, from the bases to the tops of their mohawks it looks great all around. I can't wait to see them in action...

  3. Love them. Where is the Boris model from?

  4. Cheers guys :)

    Wulf - Boris is from the Urban War miniatures range - I believe he's from the Junkers faction, sort of Roman-esque convict gladiator sorts :)