Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Current Works In Progress

Just a quickie on what I'm currently painting...
 - Space Hulk Terminators - freshly undercoated.
- Starport Lifter/Loader droid - this pic makes him look a lot cleaner than he is in real life...
- Barrels - for scatter terrain around the Starport - still painting in process, will get various transfers and some other bits and pieces. I want a lot of scatter terrain of crates and shipping containers and barrels around the Starport.
- Imperial Guard Stormtroopers and Commissar - I've recently finished reading the Sabbat Worlds Anthology, which was of the highest quality. It's had the effect of making me want to work on my Imperial Guard once again, and these are the most Work-In-Progress I have paint-wise at the moment. These are the rest of the squad shown a few months ago, plus one of the relatively recent Commissar miniatures. Rather dynamic miniature, and I've had him for ages, it's about time he got some paint-lovin'.
- Bounty Hunter Sniper - last of my Bloodhound Bounty Hunters (for now), he's looked like this for a couple of weeks now...


  1. I love that queue, nice to see someone actually doing something...unlike me!

  2. Looking at your Space Hulk minis on 40mm bases makes me want to work on mine soon.

    Since you seem to recommend the Sabbat Worlds Anthology, is there much Chaos in there?