Friday, 3 September 2010

Half-Track and "Sly Marbo"

Once again I've had a couple of slow weeks on the painting front:

The Half-Track conversion shown earlier in the blog - this will act as a Chimera in some smaller games of 40k with my friends. Very happy with the way this (second-hand, impulse) buy turned out and was a decent test piece for my future Guard vehicles (I have 3 Russ, 10 Sentinels and 2 Basilisks waiting for some TLC).

This is my version of Sly Marbo, the choice from the Imperial Guard codex. "Sly Marbo" represents the Rambo-esque one-man-army type of character - in my case, he's a hoary old veteran who trains the recce/scout portions of my regiment. My force is a combined regiment made up of two decimated regiments that had been through the meatgrinder, supplied with some well-trained but green reinforcements. Guys like this had to whip them into shape before they were sent to a chain of worlds to combat the greenskin menace...

e's a kitbash of plastic SM Scout, Necromunda stub pistol, Kroot rifle barrel as a suppressor, sword from some fancy SM one carved into something that looks a bit more combat-knife-sword-y, torso from the Catachan sprues, demo charge on his waist from a meltabomb and a set of vials of some kind, head from the lovely Chaos Marauder Horsemen sprues.

I accidently bought a bunch of alien-types for AE Bounty recently, so expect more of those in the future...


  1. They both look good! Marbo's so widely used; it's fun seeing all the different conversions people have done to fit him into their own armies.

  2. Great minds think alike when it comes to the ole stub gun/kroot suppressor combo!