Monday, 14 June 2010


I've recently been working at a local market, selling various different items. A few different stalls sell second hand toys and other collectibles and a few stalls are dedicated to railways and scale models. This German WWII SdKfz251 half-track was mostly built and part painted. Almost all of the parts were left in the kit and it cost me £3. I thought it had some potential either as a Chimera stand-in or as a vehicle in my post-apocalyptic wasteland - in the end it's become the transport of recon elements of my Imperial Guard force - it will be used in some upcoming Kill Team games...

The kit is 1:35 scale and fits nicely with Imperial Guard figures.

I added quite a bit of extra stowage from other kits, converted the kannon into an autocannon and added a heavy stubber (one of the lovely ones from the Stormlord kit) from the driver's hatch.

In play the Chimera will most likely be transporting a small squad of Stormtroopers, providing support and the ability to take down infantry and light armour in games of Kill Team.

I've always been more interested in the infantry for wargames but I've enjoyed modelling this - I have another few vehicles from the same place to put together and Imperialise... I also have plans for some Savlar Chem Dogs soon, who have always been one of my favourite Imperial Guard regiments. I have a set of the Chaos Renegade Militia arms coming from Forgeworld and some of the Kolony Rebel gasmask heads coming from Pig Iron Productions. I'm aiming for a platoon and some Sentinels, in support of my "straight" Imperial Guard (who will be slightly more utilitarian Cadians (less of the Imperial Guard symbols everywhere for example).

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