Friday, 21 May 2010

Big Game Hunter...

Sporting a hunting rifle with a mean scope, a duster and wide-brimmed hat like the cowboys of yore, the Hunter is relied upon by various townships in the Wastes to take care of those pesky mutated beasts that are wont to bother the trade caravan routes. The Hunter can be hired with food, stimms or caps and will hunt until his contract is completed.

Always welcomed into town with "I thought you'd be taller?", the people of the Wastes soon learn that this short man packs a mighty punch.

This miniature is from the Warmachine range - a lovely sculpt but very small in stature - it's more like 25mm or "true" 28mm rather than the 28mm heroic scale of most of the Privateer Press stuff. Shame really!

Details are lovely, the scarring on his face is a lovely touch - like he got a little bit close to one of his targets...

The duster is a lovely sculpt, as is the wide-brimmed hat. I tried to keep his equipment and boots looking a bit more "modern military" with the olive green to try and make sure he didn't look like too much of a old west cowboy...

Comments are most welcome :)


  1. Way to take a lackluster fig in one system and turn him into something totally cool and characterful in another genre!

  2. That's a cool looking mini, nice work.