Monday, 12 April 2010

More 'stealery goodness...

Finished off a spot of painting on Saturday evening after a relatively busy day...

The next 4 Space Hulk Genestealers. Very happy with this scheme, seems to work rather well and it's also the Space Hulk classic :)

After being bullied into starting a force for Epic by various friends, these are my test miniatures, shown WIP earlier in the blog.

These are on their way for the force - old Mk1 Imperial Hellhounds, I think they fit the corrupted PDF/Renegade Forgeworld-built aesthetic of the "Leman Russes" (which are converted from the Ork battlewagons).

Next up for my 40k Chaos Marines - 5 Havocs. I'll probably add to their number with some bolter Marines for cannon fodder. These are aimed at taking on the Ork horde of my main gaming friend, I also have pretty much the same unit in my Imperial Marines.

I've also been working on a few bits and pieces tonight, but nothing particularly solid enough to post updates for. I currently have 5 Sternguard (converted from the robed Dark Angel veterans) and a power armoured Librarian using the Dark Angels special character Ezekiel - I've always loved the model and managed to pick up the figure for pennies on eBay minus his sword. I've managed to convert him up a nice fiery force weapon, from the Empire Wizard kit sprue. More on these soon - I also have a couple of other robed characters and the next 5 Sternguard awaiting paint.

In non-wargaming news, I finally managed to get out into the garden to work in the greenhouse for a while. My parents recently turned what had been a storage outhouse for all kinds of junk into a storage outhouse for their budding business, meaning the greenhouse became a place to dump all the empty plant pots. I had a slight tidy out of these, got rid of the stuff that wasn't of use anymore and managed to get some seeds sown - jalapeno chillies, mixed salad greens and lettuce to begin with. The aforementioned Orkish gaming buddy shares my love of jalapenos (and is so they should come in handy later on in the year! At the moment I'm pondering sowing more jalapenos, need to sow a hell of a lot more lettuce, sow radishes, chop back some herbs, sow more oregano, decide what to fill my outdoor vegetable beds with... The list goes on!

I also just started watching a new TV show - V (link). It's a good ol' "invasion by aliens" story, but it's really well done, very polished and filled with great actors. The first episode was quite a "ooh, what was she in again?"-type of episode, but none the less, it's tense, well written and really is worth a watch. There are only 6 episodes out so far, and only 8 in the first season as far as I can tell - give it a go!

Comments and critique would be great, if anyone out there is listening? :)

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